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Del Maguey Papalote de Puebla Mezcal

Agave Type: Papolote Region: Mixteca Alta, Oaxaca Maestro Mezcalero: Aurielo Gonzalez TobonProof: 94 Proof, 47 percent ABVTasting Notes: floral spirit, forward with spicy carnation and lilac balancing perfectly ripe, tropically sweet fruit. It has crisp citrus notes, yet is creamy, round and soft in the mouth, almost like a fresh queso de cabra (goat cheese), and finishes with a delightful finesse, remarkable complexity, and a memorable minerality. Details: The twelve to eighteen year old corazones (hearts) are roasted in an earthen horno (oven) below ground, fermented open air with ambient yeasts, and distilled to proof one time, but passing through copper plates, in a resaque (also known as reflux) style alembic still.
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