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DeadHead Rum

The distillery was founded in 1945 in Veracruz, Mexico. A state that lies a bit off the beaten path in the Caribbean. Its known for its cavernous landscape, mountainous terrain, abundant rainfall and fertile, lush fields of sugar cane. Tropical Veracruz, due to its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and its warm trade winds, is famed for its sugar cane plantations, and equally recognized as the cradle of high-quality Rum it is where DeadHead Rum was born.Deadhead rum is fermented with yeast over local air and double-distilled from molasses and fresh sugarcane juice using a Pot Still method. Its then filtered through charcoal before being aged six years in European oak and rested in ex-wine casks and bourbon barrels. Bottled in a truly unique Tsanta (shrunken head) design.Pick up your bottle today!
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