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Cuvee Rose Laurent Perrier Champagne

Maison Pierlot was founded in 1812 by Andr Michel Pierlot, a former cooper and bottler who purchased two parcels of property in Tours-sur-Marne. Upon his death, Pierlot willed the company to his cellar master, Eugne Laurent, and the name was eventually changed to Maison Laurent-Perrier when Mathilde Emilie Perrier, Laurents widow, became the steward and combined the two family names. Today, Michel Fauconnet, Laurent-Perriers third Cellar Master, continues to shepherd the family legacy forward.Cuve Ros Laurent-Perrier is crafted using Pinot Noir grapes from nearly a dozen crus, most of them grands crus. The grapes derive from the South and North parts of the Montagne de Reims, including the celebrated Cte de Bouzy. Once the grapes have been harvested by expert farmers, they are manually sorted and macerated for up to three days using the saigne method. This maceration method provides the champagne with a delicate salmon pink color, along with a flavor profile dominated by notes of berries and citrus. After pressing the grapes, the juice or must is fermented and bottled. "Then, we wait," says Fauconnet it takes a minimum of four years of maturation to coax bottles of Cuve Ros Laurent-Perrier to perfection.Cuve Ros Laurent-Perrier has a slightly salmon color, along with an aroma of berries, watermelon, black cherries and citrus. The aroma gives way to a symphony of raspberries and strawberries, and leads to a tender and delicate finish.Pick up a bottle today!
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