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Crown Royal Blenders Mash

In 1939, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth made history when they became the first reigning monarchs to journey across North America, traveling from Quebec City to Vancouver by train. Prior to their arrival, a local entrepreneur set out to craft a whisky that the King and Queen could enjoy in the privacy of their rail car. After sampling over 600 different blends of whisky, and scouring through hundreds of different types of glass, labels, and bottles, the entrepreneur created what he believed to be the perfect whisky and called it Crown Royal. At the beginning of their journey, the King and Queen were gifted ten cases of the whisky from Canada to enjoy on their journey.The traditional Crown Royal is a bountiful blend of 50 different whiskies that are married harmoniously into a single expression. This Crown Royal Hand Selected Barrel is a break from the norm, allowing connoisseurs to experience the foundation of one of the most famous whiskies in the world, the cornerstone of their classic blend: their Coffey Rye. The majority of Canadian whiskies are comprised of a mash bill of corn, rye, and malted barley. These grains are then mashed, fermented and distilled, at which point they are aged in new oak barrels. Crown Royal Blenders Mash Canadian Whisky is a unique release from their "blenders series." The "Blenders Mash" whisky is comprised of five unique whiskies, blended by the masters at Crown Royal. The blend is aged in new charred American oak barrels before being aged in ex-bourbon casks. Expect pleasant, sweet, warming notes of oak and vanilla all throughout. Pick up your bottle today!
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