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Courage and Conviction American Single Malt Whisky

The late Dr. George G. Moore was a native Irishman with an incredible passion for single malt whisky and his adopted home Virginia. His Virginia Distillery Company is a union of these two passions, brought to life in 2011. Today the distillery is looked after by Georges son Gareth Moore and his wife Maggie. They have continued to preserve and cultivate Georges single malt dream. Virginia Distillery Company is currently producing an American Single Malt on-site using 100 percent malted barley from the US and water from Virginias Blue Ridge Mountains. This distillery flagship is being aged in ex-bourbon, sherry and re-toasted wine casks. Virginias hot summers and cool winters significantly influence the aging cycle, imparting a distinctive character onto the whisky and enabling it to mature faster than its Scottish counterparts. The award-winning Courage and Conviction American Single Malt Whisky, as its called, was developed with the help of the late Dr. Jim Swan, a legend among whiskey makers. The Kentucky bourbon casks were chosen for their vanilla, caramel, butterscotch, oak, smoke, and cinnamon notes. Sherry casks contribute cherry, raisin, fig, brown sugar, and spice notes, while the Cuve wine casks impart the liquid with barrel spice, red fruit, and toasted pecan notes.Get your bottle today!
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