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Corgi Pembroke Gin

Founded in 2017 by Bob Hagemann and owned by his parents Bob and Nancy, Corgi Spirits is a family-run craft distillery, the first and only one in Hudson County New Jersey. It was Hagemanns fascination with all things British that led to the companys logo, a Corgi wearing a crown. The breed perfectly represents the nature of the distillery. Playful and fun, yet regal and distinguished as well, the breed being owned by the Queen of England herself.The distillery was named New Jersey Distillery of the Year twice in a row and their small-batch spirits have garnered several other awards. Their range goes from gin (Earl Grey Gin, Pembroke Gin, and Barrel-Rested Gin) to whiskey (Cardigan Whiskey), vodka, to seasonal spirits such as the Very Merry Gin, Bee Blossom Gin, and Garden Party Gin. The gins and vodkas are made from potatoes, making them super-smooth as well as gluten-free. If youre in the area they offer tours and tastings in their tasting room and on their outdoor patio.Corgis award-winning Pembroke Gin is crafted with pink peppercorns, elderflower, lavender, chamomile, and citrus peel. Based on a potato spirit, its delightfully bright, floral, and citrusy and goes well with citrus, honey, herbs, and liqueurs in a variety of cocktails.Get a bottle today!
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