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Compass Box Myths and Legends I Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Since its inception in 2000, Compass Box Whisky Company has been stewarded by John Glaser, one of the most progressive and innovative whisky blenders of his generation. "Like a winemaker blending grape varieties, we can create layers of complexity by blending whisky," says Glaser, who was named "Innovator of the Year" four times by Whisky Magazine and "Pioneer of the Year" twice by Malt Advocate. While Glaser initially began his career in the industry as a marketing agent, he quickly realized that by blending quality whiskies, he was able to create a product that was greater than the sum of its rare parts.Nearly a century ago, grain whiskies were common across Europe, but were overtaken in terms of popularity when the larger distilleries in Scotland began focusing on single malt whisky. "When good Scotch grain whisky is aged in good quality American oak casks, the results can be stunning," says Glaser.Bottled at 46 percent and blended by Lead Whiskymakers: Jill Boyd and James Saxon, this single malt whisky was distilled near the village of Edderton at the Balblair Distillery, Northern Highlands. The blend is comprised of 42.3 percent Recharred American Oak Barrels imparting notes of lemon sherbet, cereals, floral notes and 57.7 percent first fill bourbon barrels which imparts notes of peaches, salted caramel, pink grapefruit. Pick up your bottle today!
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