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Cold River Vodka

Cold River Vodka is made with genuinely good flavors. Derived from 100 percent Maine potatoes, this vodka is crafted from the ground up with water from Maines Cold River. This gluten free spirit is triple-distilled in a copper pot still, yielding a near perfect, refined spirit. This is a classic vodka. Cold River spirits are also bottled on site and numbered individually to ensure an authentic, handcrafted quality experience. This vodka is a super-premium martini-quality vodka that stands amongst the worlds most sophisticated spirits (Cold River). Enjoy it in all of your favorite cocktails, but as mentioned before, Cold River is your martinis soulmate. This vodka shines in a martini, but it can also be enjoyed straight or on the rocks. You will find smooth sweet, berry notes on the nose. Hints of honey, lemon, lavender, and gingerbread lead to a smooth, intriguing and highly nuanced finish. Cold River Vodka won a Double Gold Medal in the "Best Domestic Vodka" category by The Fifty Best in 2012 and was listed as one of the " Top 120 Spirits in the World by F. Paul Pacults Spirit Journal in June 2013.Pick up your bottle today!
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