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Cleveland Black Reserve American Bourbon Whiskey

Tom Lix founded Cleveland Whiskey in 2009. Lix, a whiskey visionary who developed a truly disruptive piece of technology, invented his own special maturation technique, one capable of aging spirits much faster. This innovative technology causes the wood to breathe the distilled spirit in and out. This pressurized finishing process mimics the natural, seasonal aging process condensing what normally takes years into one week. The result is a bourbon far beyond its years. Cleveland Black Reserve is the second offering from Cleveland Whiskey, aging conventionally in the barrel for a full six months before entering the pressurized maturation system. More a technology innovators than distillers, the work of Cleveland Whiskey may not be for the purist at heart, but for those intrepid explorers who dont mind bending the rules of traditional whiskey making, this may come as a pleasant surprise. Black Reserve Bourbon has exceptional bold notes of warming vanilla with just a hint of smoke.Pick up your bottle today!
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