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Citadelle Gin

Citadelle Gin is a Modern Take on an old Genivre.Alexandre Gabriel of Maison Ferrand is the mastermind behind the revival of this genivre. The original recipe for Citadelle Gin was developed by a distillery in Dunkirk in 1771. In 1775, under the authorization of Louis XVI, two Frenchmen, Carpeau and Stival opened a distillery at the Citadelle of Dunkirk. This complex classic recipe is distilled in cognac pot stills at the Ferrand distillery, and barrel aged, in order to create a more traditional Gin reminiscent of those crafted hundreds of years ago. "Barrel aging tends to tame the flower and citrus feel of gin and enhances its rounder and softer notes, explains Gabriel. Barrel aging was customary since the spirit was stored and transported in oak barrels at a time when glass was too fragile while plastic and stainless steel vessels were still not available. London gin is redistilled in a traditional still with juniper berries and botanicals. Only natural flavorings are allowed to be added and a high quality ethyl alcohol used. London gin must contain at least 70 percent alcohol. Citadelle Gin is technically a London gin, with a few different steps. The 19 botanicals are infused for 72 hours, imbuing the Citadelle body with its aromatic notes. For 12 hours, Citadelle is distilled in a copper pot still with a naked flame. Citadelle is also a pure gin, meaning there is no sugar added.On the nose Citadelle has a delicate and fragrant aromas of fresh flowers, jasmine, honeysuckle and cinnamon. This gently transitions into striking, more herbaceous aromas of anise, grains of paradise and cinnamon. On the palate, juniper flavors open up to well rounded elaborate bouquet reminiscent of fresh Spring flowers of, the finish is round and elegantly refined. Try the sophisticated Citadelle Gin today!
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