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Cazadores Tequila Anejo

Cazadores is Spanish for "hunters". Jose Maria Bauelos once saw a proud stag standing among the agave hills in Arandas, Mexico, and knew he had found the symbol for his highland tequila. The spirits hometown in the Los Altos region of the Jalisco Highlands has a bustling community that is built around all the stages of tequila production with each person playing a role in creating the world-famous spirit, be it the field workers or taco makers who feed them after they have returned from the fields.Its the community spirit that makes Cazadores Tequila the smooth and bold spirit it is. A lot of it is owed to Don Jose, who perfected a new recipe in 1922 and is said to have hidden it in his house for 51 years, until his grandson Don Felix took it upon himself to share it with the world. He built the very first commercial Cazadores distillery in 1973 in the same field his grandfather saw the impressive stag.The tequila that is produced there is made from 100 percent blue agave. Its double-fermented, double-distilled, and meticulously matured under the watchful eye of Maestro Tequilero Jesus Susunaga. While the production has modernized, the recipe remains true to the original and the whole operation is built around sustainability with zero waste.The aged Cazadores Tequila Aejo expression has spent more than a year in small new American oak casks. The wood has imparted the liquid with a golden color and enriched the agave-forward profile with cinnamon, vanilla, nutty, and peppery notes.Get your bottle today!
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