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Casa Noble Single Barrel Extra Anejo Tequila

Noble Tequila was founded by Jose Pepe Hermosillo. Dubbed their Maestro Tequilero, he is a celebrated tequila maker, dedicated to the pursuit of tequila worthy of sharing. Each bottle of Casa Noble Tequila is made from blue weber agave plants, which are matured exclusively on the 3000-acre Casa Noble estate. The estate, which is situated in the Jalisco region of Mexico, enjoys rolling hills and steep valleys. "We have our own microclimate in the agave fields, explains Hermosillo. We grow our plants at a high altitude, and the fields are on an incline, which makes for more fibrous agaves, which yield a tequila with lots of character and spice and herbal notes. Thats why we have our own agave fields, so we can control that profile and have very unique taste factors."Once this certified organic blue agave has matured for at least fourteen years, they are harvested by Casa Nobles legendary jimadors, who are hired full time, living and working on the land for two to three generations at a time. Also known quite adoringly as agave whisperers, these earnest hardworking farmers share an enchanting relationship with the majestic agave plantations. After the agave have been harvested, the hearts of the plant, or pias are removed using a small, flat knife called a coa. "Its amazing how a jimador can touch that dark spot and say, "Oh, the sugar content of this is such and such, "Hermosillo says of the pias. "Well take it to the lab, and the sugar content will be exactly what he said." Casa Noble follows traditions that have been passed down for over 7 generations.The pias are then brought back to the distillery, where they are cooked in stone ovens for 36 hours at approximately 212 Fahrenheit (larger commercial distilleries cook pias in stainless steel autoclaves for just six to eight hours). "Anyone can tell you the slow-cook method imparts a deeper, slightly smoky and sweet flavor that you cant achieve in fast cooking," says Hermosillo. Then, the pias are crushed and fermented using local, airborne yeasts. As a result of using local yeasts, the tequila is influenced by the estates surrounding orange, mango and lemon trees. Once fermentation is complete, Casa Noble Tequila is distilled three times through a copper-pot still. Casa Noble is also one of the few kosher tequilas currently on the market.This Aejo is from the Casa Noble Single Barrel Program, bottled straight from one truly unique and finely crafted French oak barrel. Triple distilled in stainless steel by Pepe Hermosillo. With rich oak notes and flavors of agave and vanilla this tequila is crafted meticulously in small batches and always triple distilled - Casa Noble Tequilas always supersede industry standards.Reserved for the aficionado who appreciates the finest tequila-making in the world. An extremely rare Extra Aejo Tequila that results from unprecedented extra barrel aging inside a lightly charred French white oak barrel. Delivering a smooth, complex flavor unlike any crafted before, or after (producer).Pick up your bottle today!
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