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CaliFino Tequila Extra Anejo

The CaliFino brand was born in 2014, however the story of its tequila started already in 1970s, when Don Jose Luna started developing a taste for fine tequilas during his visits to friends at the family-owned tequila distilleries in Mexicos Arandas. He would share the private batches of tequila moonshine style he got on these visits with friends and family, and he passed down this tradition to the next generation. The brand was created by his grandson Miguel Luna and his business partner Phil Salvagio, as they were looking for a way to meet the growing demand for the tequila, which Miguel introduced to all his friends in the soccer world. At first, Miguel only planned on importing just enough bottles for their friends, splitting the cost, but he soon learned that this would not be as simple as he had thought, and he ended up founding a company with Phil. The pair was involved in every step of the process of creating their tequila. They took several trips to Arandas, tasting best tequilas in local tequileras and developing unique formulas for the brand. When they got their formulas just right, they created their own bottle with the help of a local designer from Jalisco. CaliFino tequila is sourced from the Los Altos highlands in Arandas, Jalisco, an area known for its sweet agave and for sourcing some of the best tequila in the world due to the distinguished red soil, high elevation and increased sunlight. The hearts of the agave are roasted for a full 48 hours before the juices are separated from the fibers. Every piece of the agave plant is used, and the fibers are used to make the ropes tied around the necks of CaliFino bottles. The fermentation process lasts about two hundred hours, which is three times the average, creating a full-bodied tequila. After distillation, the tequilas are aged in White American Oak barrels, which were previously used one-time for Jack Daniels Whiskey and are sourced from the heart of Kentucky. CaliFino Tequila Extra Aejo is made with 100 percent Ultra-Premium Blue Weber Agave, and aged for a minimum of 7 years in an American Oak barrel, and an additional year in a French Cognac barrel, sourced directly from France. The tequila is bottled in custom-molded bottles with hand-made leather labels, and each bottle of CaliFino Extra Aejo is numbered and carefully placed in its wood display box. Grab your bottle today!
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