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Bulleit Blenders Select No. 001 Straight Bourbon Whiskey

After inheriting the family recipe in the late 1980s, Tom Bulleit set out to make his own version of the Bulleit Bourbon. "We have a distilling tradition in the family," says Bulleit. "It seems kind of odd that one would have a family recipe for bourbon, but in our part of Kentucky everyone has one." Today they produce a range of four Bourbons and one Rye Whiskey that have received numerous awards, and have become the Spirits of choice for cocktail drinkers around the world.Bulleit Blenders Select is a blend of three spirits used in Bulleit Bourbon. Aged for at least 9 years, it contains more than 100 different liquids that were hand-picked by blender Eboni Major. It celebrates the women behind the spirits and is a part of the female-focused Craftswomen Today program. This limited edition release is the first in Bulleits new line of Blenders Select whiskeys.Pick your bottle up today!
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