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Bruichladdich Port Charlotte 10 Year Old Heavily Peated

Bruichladdich is an award-winning distillery employing generations of distilling knowledge and the principle of minimal intervention. Built in 1881 on the wild Scottish island of Islay, our distillery still uses the original Victorian equipment to create a range of single malt whiskies that are trickle distilled, matured and bottled solely on Islay by a skilled team of 78 men and women.Bruichladdich implements revolutionary, modern interpretations of time-honored ideas and challenges the comfortable conventions of a whisky establishment. Rejecting the onset of modern automation and homogenization, our Head Distiller, Adam Hannett, only considers production methods that place the quality of liquid above everything else.Diversity starts in the field. Provenance is key. We believe the interaction of man, land, soil and climate is paramount. We value our farmer relationships, reconnecting that lost cycle between farmer and distiller -- land and spirit.Bruichladdich Port Charlotte Whisky is made exclusively from heavily peated barley from the Invernesshire region. After the grains are milled and mashed, they are fermented in the distillerys original washbacks, which are made of Douglas Fir. The wood from the washbacks absorbs heat generated during fermentation, and allows for a longer, slower fermentation process as compared to steel, resulting in a more flavorful and rich whisky.After fermentation, the wash is distilled twice through Bruichladdichs 130 year-old, 20-foot tall, diamond-shaped stills. The Victorian-era stills produce whisky that is notably floral and elegant. Released May 2018 and peated to 40 phenol ppm this whisky is aged In 65 percent 1st fill American whiskey casks, 10 percent 2nd fill American casks, and 25 percent 2nd fill French wine casks.Port Charlotte 10 Year Old is the first permanent release of Port Charlotte. This flagship whisky showcases the signature smoky barbecue Islay character bottled in a new bespoke green glass vial. You can expect sweet malty notes and an signature Islay barbecue smokiness. Pre-order your bottle now!
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