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Brugal XV Rum

During the latter half of the 19th century, Andrs Brugal Montaner a Spanish expatriate who had emigrated to Cuba uprooted his family and decided to take up permanent residence in the Dominican Republic. While in Cuba, Brugal had begun experimenting with the distillation of sugar cane, and upon his arrival in the Dominican Republic in 1888, Brugal opened the doors to Brugal and Co. Distillery.Today, the fourth and fifth generations of Brugals direct descendants continue to honor the memory of their ancestors by acting as personal guardians of the entire rum-making process at Brugal and Co. Brugal.The Brugal family recipe is a closely guarded secret, preserved in the hearts of a privileged few, passed down from generation to generation. After going through the distillation process, Brugal Rums are aged for up to eight years in hand-picked American oak casks.Brugal XV is a distinctive blend of rums aged 3-8 years in white American oak casks and rums aged 2-3 years in ex Pedro Ximenez sherry casks. The result is a perfect marriage of dry rums with sweet notes and exceptional smoothness.Pick up your bottle today!
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