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Brooklyn Small Batch Gin

While Manhattan may have its own eponymous cocktail, Brooklyn has its very own gin. In the last two years, Joe Santos and Emil Jattne, the master distillers at Brooklyn Gin Co., have cut, pulped and peeled some 40 pounds of citrus fruit in one sitting, hand-cracked thousands of juniper berries, and, in the name of research, tasted countless cocktails in the five boroughs of New York City.Santos, who graduated from Dartmouth and worked for eight years at spirits giant Bacardi, says that Brooklyn Gin reflects his love of experimenting with new cocktails and inventing new spirits. "When I looked back at what I loved doing at Barcardi, it was tinkering around," Santos says.Brooklyn Gin is the result of months of Santos and Jattne experimenting and perfecting a recipe using eleven different botanicals, including five locally-sourced citrus peels, lavender and cocoa nibs. Distilled through a five plate Christian Carl copper pot still, Brooklyn Gin has strong notes of citrus while the hand-cracked juniper berries provide for a clean and slightly spicy finish.Each bottle of Brooklyn Gin is distilled, corked and labeled by hand, and Santos and Jattnepersonally go door-to-door to local bars, hand-delivering bottles.Get this one delivered to your door today.
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