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Broken Barrel Heresy Rye Whiskey

Infuse Spirits is aptly named. Seth Benhaim started infusing spirits in his garage in 2012 at the age of twenty-five. When he entered his first Vodka releases that year in the San Francisco Worlds Spirits Competition, his accomplishments made him the youngest ever winner of both Best in Show and Double Gold.Infuse Spirits has gone on to develop a wide range of products, including six Vodkas, a Bourbon, a Rye, and a range of six unique cocktail bitters.While Infuse Spirits Vodkas are flavored with natural spices and fruits, their Whiskeys are infused with staves from other barrels of different wood types. Broken Barrels "Heresy" Rye is a straight-forward Rye Whiskey distilled in Owensboro, Kentucky. While in the barrel for aging, they place broken staves form Bourbon casks, virgin French oak, and Sherry casks which are allowed to float around freely in the barrels. Not only do these seasons staves impart finishing characteristics to the Rye, but they greatly increase the amount of overall wood contact. The more wood contact, the better and smoother the dram.This kind of wood infusion is certainly atypical. Some might even suggest it is a kind of Whiskey-heresy, which is how Broken Barrels "Heresy" Rye Whiskey got its name. What you will taste is a classic Rye Whiskey 95 percent rye and 5 percent malted barley with plenty of wood spice and walnut notes under distinct almond aromas. "Platinum"2018 SIP AwardsGet your bottle today!
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