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Boyd and Blair Professional Proof 151 Potato Vodka

In an old warehouse with a cracking facade and grass growing in the rain gutters, Master Distiller Barry Young rests his hand on a custom-made, 1,200-liter copper pot still. Inside the still, Young, the former CEO of RX Partners, a pharmaceutical services company, is distilling another batch of Boyd and Blair Vodka. Using only locally-sourced Pennsylvania potatoes, each batch of Boyd and Blair Vodka is made from scratch and tasted twenty times before being labeled and bottled by hand. The potatoes, Young says, produce a silkier, sweeter vodka than traditional grains such as wheat, rye or corn.Along with his partner-in-crime, Prentiss Orr, Young carefully monitors each step of the production process. While most commercial distilleries reuse the tails of the distillate in order to improve yield, Young and Orr and discard it due to its inferior quality and bottle only the hearts. The result is an exceptionally smooth and flavorful vodka. Triple distilled and charcoal filtered, Boyd and Blair Professional Proof 151 Vodka is, as the name hints, intended for professional use only. Although it shines in bitters, tinctures and infusions, this overproof version of F. Paul Pacults top vodka in the world three years running is spectacular in its own right. Aromas of potato skins and biscuits swirl on the nose before leading to warm, buttery palate filled with notes of soy. The finish is deep and surprising, with lingering hints of sweet potatoes.Pick up a professional vodka today!
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