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Bootlegger New York Craft Bourbon

The Do Good Spirits distillery is situated in Roscoe, New York a town that lies within two hours of driving distance from New York City that is renowned for its fly fishing. Located in the former Roscoe Firehouse and VFW Hall, they are pursuing their dream of producing high-quality spirits while helping the local economy on the way. Their symbols are the poppy flower and Florian Cross. The first serves as a way of remembering fallen soldiers, the second the patron saint of firefighters. Formerly known as Prohibition Distillery, the current name comes from a toast that the founder and head distiller Brian Facquets navy buddy made before his last deployment: "Do Good Spirits Good People, Good Spirits, Good Times. To Do Good!"Named in honor of the amendment that repealed Prohibition, Bootlegger New York Craft Bourbon is a "testament to the youthful and rebellious spirit that reigned during the Roaring Twenties," says Brian Facquet. The bourbon is crafted exclusively from New York corn, which is milled, mashed, and fermented before being distilled through Facquets 300-gallon copper pot still. Following distillation, Bootlegger Bourbon is matured in toasted 5-gallon, new charred American oak barrels until it is ready. Then, the bourbon is brought to proof and bottled by hand. "We do not filter our bourbon," says Facquet, "and we bottle at 92 proof. This gives our bourbon spicy notes of cinnamon and red hots candies, which are complemented by touches of smooth vanilla and cocoa."Get your bottle today!
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