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Bombergers Declaration Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

The Bombergers Distillery legacy can be traced back to 1753, when two Swiss Mennonite farmers by the name of John and Michael Shenk began distilling rye whiskey on their farm near Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The distillery was passed down through relatives of the Shenk family until 1860 when the distillery was purchased (and subsequently renamed) by Pennsylvania Dutchman Adam Bomberger, who owned and operated the distillery until Prohibition forced its closing in 1919. At that time, Bombergers Distillery was the oldest operating distillery in the United States, and in many ways represented the transformation of whiskey distilling from an agricultural enterprise to a large-scale industrial one.Today, Bomberger Distillery is recognized as a national landmark and is undergoing a whiskey-making renaissance thanks to the stewardship of Dick Stoll, Bombergers master distiller. Trained by Everett Beam himself, Stoll is the former master distiller of Pennsylvania Michters, where he created the famed A.H. Hirsch Bourbon. Eric Wolfe, a business partner, involved in the revitalization of the Bombergers brand, has said of Stoll, who is now in his 80s, "He knows so many things from doing this for decades, that he doesnt even know what he knows. Bombergers bourbon is an incredibly balanced whiskey with smooth notes of caramel sweetness, charred oak, and citrus.Pick up your bottle today!
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