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Bobbys Schiedam Jenever Dry Gin

Bobbys Gin was launched in 2014, but its history dates back decades ago, in the early 50s when it was inspired by a family recipe of Jacobus Alfons (know to family and friends as Bobby) who was born in Naku, Ambon (Indonesia), and migrated to the Netherlands and settled in Schiedam.After zealous experimentation with different methods and ingredients, a fractional distillation technique was used to create the spirit, distilling the botanicals in a separate copper pot stills to create the required flavors. The result is carefully blended together and bottled at 38 percent ABV.Bobbys Schiedam Jenever is a unique blend of Indonesian spice and traditional malt wine, delivering malt wine-based and fragrance on the nose, and a fresh burst of lemongrass and herbs at first sip. Bottled in a beautiful green, glass, modern interpretation of a classic jenever bottle and inspired by the classic kruik bottle of the 21st century. The screen-printed Ikat pattern is uniquely Indonesian. Both of these elements combine to create a unique mixture of east and west.Pick up your bottle today!
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