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Blue Nectar Tequila Silver

There is no great great-grand father in this story. No faux-Spanish name. No frills. No exaggerations. No celebrity endorsement. Just a father and son with a passion for tequila.Rich in tradition, Blue Nectar Tequila was born in the heart of tequila country, in the lowlands of Jalisco on the outskirts of Amatitn. After a chance encounter with two jovial, genuinely in-love-with-tequila brothers in cowboy hats, they began the journey of tequila-making. This tequila is true to the terroir of the regions volcanic soils using only estate-grown agave from fields adjacent to the distillery. Alongside their master blender, Guillermo Garcia-Lay, the team developed the profiles of unaged and aged tequilas. And refined them again and again and again. The result? Agave-forward tequilas with a sophisticated taste. Distinct but well-balanced with a rich, earthy body. Great for mixing or sipping. Perfect for any occasion.The tequila is inspired by the essence of tequila. Blue was derived from the commitment to making authentic and quality tequilas using 100 percent blue agave. Nectar comes from the mystical connection to ancient rituals that used a fermented drink made from agave. Triple-distilled. Agave-forward with a clean and crisp finish. Bottled in a distinctive vial with plenty of gravitas.Pick up your bottle today!
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