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Blood Oath Pact No. 6

John Rempe has been developing and blending spirits and beverages for over 20 years he serves as Luxcos Director of Corporate Research and Development, has a B.S. in Biology and is a Certified Food Scientist, and helped develop some of Luxcos most well-known whiskey brands such as Rebel Yell and Ezra Brooks. "I have the luxury of not being tied down to one specific distillery for this brand. I have the ability to sample many of the finest bourbons available to make the perfect blend for each Blood Oath Pact," says Rempe. Each year comes with an exquisite new expression or "Pact", as Rempe calls them. 2020s Pact No. 6 blends three meticulously selected ryed bourbons: a 14-year-old dark oaken tobacco beast, an 8-year-old spice bomb, and a 7-year-old caramel and raisin extravaganza. "This particular pact is special in that the cognac barrels added some sweetness and a slight fruity, brandy flavor to the bourbon, creating an amazing taste profile," says Rempe of the newest addition to the lineup. The finishing in ex-cognac casks lets those profiles marry and form a seamless and unified experience a Pact, indeed! Pick one of these limited bottles up today!
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