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Blank Farm Vodka

Blank Vodka was founded by Samuel Hirsch and Charles Sachs with the aim of creating an all-American luxury yet affordable spirit. The vodka is farm-produced using the finest Missouri yellow corn, then transported to the distillery on North Fork, Long Island, where it is brought to proof using some of the best water available. UV light and charcoal both play a part in the unparalleled smoothness of the finished spirit. It is then bottled at 80 proof by Antonym Bottle Co. in Greenport, NY. The super-clean vodka is gluten-free, certified kosher, allergen-free, and keto-friendly to boot, with no added sugar.The design of the bottle is unique in that the label is left mostly blank. On one hand, it symbolizes the purity of the spirit, while on the other it presents you with a blank canvas which you can design and decorate yourself: "Luxury products are typically tied to a luxury label, but we separate ourselves by putting the creative control into your hands. Write a note, sketch an idea, or simply leave it blank. - the choice is yours. blank. is vodka made for anyone, anytime." The premium vodka is equally at home in mixology or neat.Grab your bottle today!
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