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Black Fly Bourbon

Black Fly was founded in 2013 by Keith and Steph Hadik. Their Gristmill distillery is wholeheartedly New York from grain to finish. Nestled in the Adirondack mountains, the rustic facility sources provincial ingredients for their handcrafted whiskeys, stating We source locally, we mash locally, and we distill locally. In 2007, New York State passed the Farm Distillery Act, which made distilling accessible to smaller businesses, it was after this law was passed that Keith Van Sise pursued a license to operate a New York State farm distillery. Gristmill encapsulates Upstate New Yorks rich agricultural heritage. The company, combining their love of whiskey and fresh mountain air, distilled their first spirit, a corn whiskey, at the end of 2014. Rusty Piton Corn Whiskey was released April 2016. Committed to distilling quality brandies and whiskies, Gristmill stresses the importance of local ingredients, using water sourced from a spring within a few paces of their facility. The Adirondack Park, is home to Gristmill Distillers, six million acres of protected land, designated Forever Wild by the New York State Constitution in 1894. For over a century, these mountains have been a haven for hikers, climbers, cyclists, fishermen, and skiers.Gristmills skillfully crafted Black Fly bourbon is named after the local black flies that inhabit the area:Black flies are synonymous with the Adirondacks, as anyone spending time here can tell you. Like us, theyre active in the mountains and seek out adventurers making their way through the High Peaks. We grudgingly co-exist with these small but fierce locals (and find that our Black Fly bourbon whiskey is just the thing to take the edge off their bite) (Gristmill Distillers).A 100 percent New York corn whiskey, aged for under a year in new American oak barrels crafted by the coopers of U.S. Barrel. New York corn and New York oak barrels, a true New York bourbon. This Blackfly expression has hints of oak tannins. Available in 200, 375 and 750ml sizes, it is bottled at 42.2 percent ABV.Pick up a bottle of this Black Fly Bourbon today!
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