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Bepi Tosolini Saliza Amaretto Veneziano Liqueur

It was in 1943 that Bepi Tosolini started his distilling business, focusing on grappa, the classic Italian spirit. He built steam stills that are best suited for distilling the marc and preserve the taste of the grapes. Today the distillery is run by Tosolinis three grandchildren and they produce a wide range of grappa, acquavita, brandies, and liqueurs.Amaretto is an incredibly popular Italian liqueur and a classic cocktail ingredient. Originating from Saronno, Italy, its first iterations were based on bitter almonds. Modern variants use many different stones from fruits including apricots, peaches, and almonds to achieve the liqueurs signature nuttiness. Its sweet with a mild bitterness its name translates to "a little bitter". Popular as a standalone drink, the liqueur has become an invaluable part of countless cocktails and has many culinary applications as well, as it goes well with ice cream, coffee, desserts, and savory dishes.Saliza Amaretto Veneziano is made traditionally using crushed almonds, unlike some lesser liqueurs. The almonds are steeped in alcohol and a dash of brandy is added at the end to add complexity. This liqueur pays tribute to amarettos Venetian origins with its name and design on the bottle, which features a masked female face. Bottled at 56 proof, it has intense toasted almond notes and a pleasant zestiness that balances its sweetness.Grab your bottle today!
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