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Beluga Transatlantic Racing Vodka

Beluga Vodka is a super premium Vodka label, produced byJSCSynergy. Beluga is produced at one of Russias leading alcohol production facilities, the Mariinsk distillery. Using grains grown in the plains of Siberia, the brand produces five very unique vodkas, and each pays homage to the inspirations for the brand charity, transatlantic racing, polo, art and gastronomy.Distilled in the heart of Siberia, and crafted from the purest artesian waters from 300 meter-deep Siberian wells, The Mariinsk Distillery in Siberia, is where the diverse range of Beluga Vodka is produced. This distillery sits in one of the most serene areas of Russia, using only innovative equipment. The first batch of Beluga Russian Vodka was produced in 2002, a meticulous batch produced by the Mariinsk Distillery Masters. The standard Beluga vodka is crafted using traditional Russian methods, the primary distillate of Beluga is washed thoroughly through quartz sand, triple-filtered through graphite columns and then percolated slowly through quartz sand once more. These methods used help neutralize the harsh smell of the spirit, enhance the richness in taste and softness of flavor of the end product. Water accounts for 60 percent of the unique formula for Beluga, making it a key component in production. Drawn from a 300 meter deep artesian well in the bedrock of Siberia.This vodka is the collectors line of Beluga Transatlantic Racing in honor of The Russian Yachting Team. A team that has achieved much success in both the Mediterranean and Atlantic Regattas. This expression differs from the other vodkas in the Beluga lineup in that the spirit is filtered through natural cotton. After resting for 45 days the result is a delicate vodka with a refreshing finish and elegant smoothness. The bottle is embellished with marine motifs, featuring a golden anchor, a navy blue backdrop and a tiny Beluga fish detail.Pick up your bottle today!
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