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Beefeater London Dry Gin

In the 1820s, a small gin distillery was established in Chelsea, London, which was later purchased by James Burrough, a pharmacist and aspiring distiller. In 1876, Burrough began to produce many different brands of gin, including the now-famous Beefeater which takes its name from the Yeomen Warders (also known as "Beefeaters") who have guarded the Tower of London since 1485. By 1963, Beefeater would account for three out of every four bottles of gin imported into the US.The distillery appointed Desmond Payne as Master Distiller in 1995 with decades of experience, Payne has been named the worlds most experienced gin distiller and personally tests over 200 juniper samples each year to ensure Beefeaters uniqueness and quality. Once the botanicals which include Seville orange and lemon peel, whole juniper berries, angelica seeds, coriander and almonds are selected, theyre put through a 24-hour steeping process to extract the maximum amount of flavor before finally being sent for distillation. During distillation the ingredients are heated, turning the liquid to vapor, which carries the oils from the botanicals. The vapors are then condensed back to liquid form. While the liquid is passing through the Spirit Safe, the stillmen use their noses to select the perfect cut from the run to become Beefeater gin.Pick up your bottle today!
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