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Batiste Rhum Gold Rum

Batiste Rhum is the first and only single source and origin American Craft Rum using Rhum Agricole. Marketed as the "Earths Favorite Cocktail Rhum", Batiste Rhum is clean, sustainable and eco-positive and boasts a carbon negative production cycle.Batiste Rhum is the result of an exclusive development partnership between RABMG distillers of Marie-Galante ( The French Caribbean island administrated by Guadeloupe) and the SBSC rhummerie of Napa, CA.This unique partnership allows Batiste Rhum to offer exceptional rhums made in California using the award winning eco-positive Rhum Agricole distillate from Marie-GalanteBatiste Rhum Gold is based on their award-winning Silver Rhum. Batiste Rhum Gold is aged in Napa, CA for a minimum of 6 months in ex Tennessee rye whiskey barrels. This "beauty sleep" in the barrel imparts a subtle rye character onto the spirit, further mellowing this smooth rhum.Pick up your bottle today!
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