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Barr Hill Gin

Owner Todd Hardie spent over four decades as a beekeeper before deciding to incorporate his raw, Vermont honey into craft spirits. His first honey house, which required a $1,000 down payment and had a mortgage of $133 per month, was home to 180 colonies. Today, on the banks of the Lamoille River in Hardwick, Vermont (population: 3,174), Caledonia Spirits remains rooted in the traditions of sustainability and Vermont agriculture.Barr Hill Gin is a London dry-style gin that, unlike other gins, uses only one botanical during distillation juniper.The rest of its complex, gentle flavor profile comes from the raw honey (made at one of Hardies now 1,900 colonies), which is added during a second distillation.The distillerys 25-gallon still is made from recycled stainless steel and is a testament to Hardies commitment to environmental sustainability. The bottles, which are filled and labeled by hand, are sealed with beeswax (what else did you expect?) cut from a huge hunk of luminous lemon-yellow wax from Singing Cedar Apiaries.Barr Hill Gin earned the Double Gold Medal at the 2012 New York International Spirits Competition. "The best fertilizer is always the footprint of a farmer,"Hardie says. This gin has his footprint all over it.Pick up this bottle today!
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