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BarSol Pisco Selecto Acholado

BarSol is the premier artisanal pisco from Peru. Distilled in the Bodega San Isidro, from the pisco grapes of the Valley of Ica - Peru. The brainchild of Diego Loret de Mola and Carlos Ferreyros BarSol uses the classic pisco pot distillation method traditionally practiced in Peru since the 16th century. Hand-crafted in small batches and estate bottled, BarSol is bottled at proof. The sole grape juice is distilled, creating an exceptional spirit of exquisite purity, clarity and smoothness.BarSol Acholado is an extraordinary artisanal blend of piscos, distilled from a quality selection of three pisco grape varietals from the region of Ica: Quebranta, Italia and Torontel. This special pisco has received many awards in multiple competitions in Peru and around the world, due to its great harmony, balance, and brilliance.Pick up your bottle today!
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