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Banks 7 Golden Age Rum

Rums wear their country of origin like badges of honor. A Jamaican rum-maker would bristle if his rum were mistaken for a Barbados rum, and a distiller from Trinidad would raise a cri de coeur if his rum were lumped together with the rest of its Caribbean brethren.Named after botanist and legendary explorer Joseph Banks (who sailed with Captain Cook), the Banks rums are all about the spirit of intrepid explorers. It is about combing the world in search of the best rums, then blending the unique liquids together to form something new entirely. Their complex blends are a worldwide hit and the brand is beloved by the best bars in the world.Banks 7 Golden Age Rum is an incredible blend of 23 rums sourced from 8 distilleries and 7 different locales and masterfully blended by Arnaud de Trabuc, master blender at Banks Distillery. Each land brings a unique characteristic to the blend the Trinidad rum adds structure, the Jamaican rum adds aromatics, the Guyanese juice adds depth and tropical fruit notes, the Barbados rum adds a zesty touch. The Guatemalan spirit is there for its nuttiness, Panama contributes a touch of wood and drier profile, and the Javan arrack brings a unique funk and spice to the table. Get a bottle today!
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