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Aviation American Gin

Aviation American Gin was first produced in Portland Oregon in 2006. The company was founded by distiller Christian Krogstad and bartender Ryan Magarian. These founders were the first recognized distiller/bartender partnership in the United States. Aviation American produces an American dry gin, which is known for its less juniper-forward flavor profile.Aviation is distributed 16 different countries, including; U.S., Canada, Spain, U.K., Ireland, France, Russia, Italy, Germany, Holland and Australia. They experimented with over 30 different recipes before settling on the recipe that is produced today. The special gin was actually then named after the well-known pre-Prohibition cocktail, The Aviation. The famous cocktail was created in the early 1900s by well-known bartender Hugo Ensslin. This classic cocktail is made with gin, maraschino liqueur, crme de violette, and lemon juice.The distilled gin was originally bottled in a wine bottle with a blue label. The current bottle is shaped like a flask, inspired by the Art Deco period, adorned with a black label and a silver cap. Produced by House Spirits Distillery, the ratio for the recipe remain secret, but there a seven known botanicals used during distillation: juniper, lavender, sweet and bitter orange peel, cardamom, coriander, Indian sarsaparilla, and anise seed. The small batch gin is twice pot distilled and bottled at 42 percent ABV. The seven different natural botanicals that are used for flavoring are steeped in grain spirit for 48 hours, then redistilled in a custom-built 400 gallon pot still, one batch at a time. The spirit is then brought to proof with deionized Cascade mountain water before bottling. Aviations Master Distiller Christian Krogstad credits Aviations natural ingredients, and low reflux stills, for Aviations bright flavor. With a smooth juniper base, it has a subtle, clean finish.Pick up a bottle of Aviation Small Batch Gin today!
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