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Amrut Cask Strength Indian Single Malt Whisky

According to Indian mythology, when Gods and Rakshasas, or demons, churned the oceans inside Mount Meru (a mythical mountain thought to be the center of physical, metaphysical and spiritual worlds), a golden pot containing the nectar of life sprang out of the mountain. The nectar was called "Amrut," which literally translates into "immortality."Amrut Distillery traces its history back to 1948 when, just one year after India declared its independence from Great Britain, Radhakrishna Jagdale began manufacturing rum and brandy, which he supplied to army canteens throughout India. After his death in 1976, the mantle was passed to his son, Neelakanta Rao Jagdale. When the younger Jagdale became Chairman of Amrut Distillery, he began experimenting with more innovative whiskies.Amrut Cask Strength Indian Single Malt Whisky is made from Indian barley grown at the foothills of the Himalayan mountains in a region known as Punjab (Punjab means "the land of five rivers"). The Himalayan mountain water, along with the cold winters and fiery summers, result in a unique type of barley that is rich in nutrients and flavor. After local Indian farmers harvest the barley, it is carefully mashed and distilled in small batches to preserve the natural aroma of the Indian terroir. The whisky is then aged at an altitude of 3,000 feet above sea level in oak barrels that are laid to rest for a minimum of 4 years. During maturation, the incredibly intense Indian sun causes the whisky and oak to mingle often. In addition, the heat also leads to much greater rates of evaporation approximately 12 percent of maturing whisky evaporates each year in India (this is referred to as the angels share), compared to just 2 percent in Scotland. As a result of the intense temperatures and humidity, whisky ages nearly three times faster in India as compared to Scotland.Amrut Cask Strength Single Malt has an aroma of intense caramel, malt, dark chocolate and oak that gives way to notes of vanilla, espresso beans, smoke and a touch of honey on the palate. The finish is long yet smooth, with hints of mellow charcoal, dried apricots and tobacco. The whisky earned a score of 91 points from the Beverage Testing Institute in 2013."There is demand for our whisky, but we cant service it," says Jagdale, Amruts Chairman. "We cannot accelerate the maturation process. A good whisky can never be a mass product."Try some good whisky today!
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