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Alessio Vermouth Chinato

Tempus Fugit Spirits, LLC was created in order to bring several historic spirits and liqueurs into the modern world. They started with absinthe since one of the co-founders had successfully co-developed over 25 brands of the mystical spirit in Europe. Absinthe was re-legalized in the US in 2007, yet US importers lacked interest in bringing high-quality absinthe from Europe. Tempus Fugit (which translates to "time flies") wasted no time and took it upon themselves to bring premium, award-winning absinthes from Switzerland and France over the pond. While they started with absinthe, its not their only focus. They are also passionate about re-creating liquors that were immensely popular before Prohibition. They employ 19th-century practices in crafting various liqueurs, bitters, amari, vermouths, and chinati, specializing in their use as cocktail modifiers. Alessio Vermouth Chinato is made according to the late 19th-century recipe that calls for a balance of more than 25 different botanicals including grande and petite wormwood, along with cinchona bark as the bittering agent. Replace an Italian sweet vermouth with the Vermouth Chinato for a complex alternative when mixing cocktails, or sip it on its own to enjoy its aromatic bittersweet profile.Grab a bottle today!
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