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Abelha Organic Cachaa Prata

The story of Abelha began in 2007 when Tom Stockley went on his first journey to find a perfect cachaa that he would bring home with him. While the pilgrimage ultimately failed, it only solidified his resolve and made him some epic memories. He would later return to Brazil with a larger team and would finally find what he was looking for in the small town of Rio De Contas in the heart of Bahia.It was there that the UK-part of Abelha formed a partnership with Marcos Vaccaro and his family-operated organic sugar cane farm. The sugar cane grown at 1,200 meters altitude benefits immensely from the temperature differences between day and night, which results in higher retention of its natural sugars. The small-batch cachaa is produced there using copper pot stills and a combination of modern technology and natural processes that results in an artisanal and organic product of exceptional quality. This process makes a pure and clean spirit with minimal toxins.Abelha Organic Cachaa Prata is certified organic and made with great care "for the craft, for the cane, and for the community". Its rested for 6 months in open steel tanks, letting the by-products evaporate and oxidize. This gives the spirit its signature bouquet. With no sugar added, its a super-pure, clean, and fresh cachaa that is fruity, smooth, and full-flavored.Pick a bottle up today!
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