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44 North Mountain Sunnyslope Nectarine Vodka

Situated in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, the town of Rigby, Idaho is best known as the birthplace of television. In 1923, Philo Taylor Farnsworth created the blueprints for the first television set while a student at Rigby High School. Today, just a few miles down the street from Rigby High, Bill Scott 44 Norths Master Distiller is hard at work crafting another batch of 44 North Vodka.The first vodka ever approved to wear the Idaho Potato Commissions official seal of approval, 44 North is distilled entirely from Idaho Russet Burbank potatoes. Once the locally-sourced potatoes are brought to the distillery, Scott mashes and ferments them before distilling the wash through his five-column, multi-plate copper still. The potatoes, which contain unusually high levels of antioxidants and sugars, give the vodka its smooth, silky texture.Following distillation, 44 North Mountain Sunnyslope Nectarine Vodka is infused with a proprietary blend of fresh nectarines. The fresh nectarines contribute a slightly sweet and tart flavor profile to the vodka, and together with the potatoes, provide for a finish accented by hints of citrus and apricots. Pick up a bottle today!
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