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360 Double Chocolate Vodka

Made by McCormick Distilling Company in Missouri 360 Double Chocolate Flavored vodka is flavored vodka launched in 2010. 360 Vodka is a line of eco-friendly spirits. Said to be the first eco-friendly distilled spirit in the world their unique award-winning vodka is distilled six-times, before being filtered six times. 360 vodkas ingredients are locally sourced, and their spirit is sustainably made. By using an innovative distillation process, the brand reduces waste and resource consumption. Their bottles are 100 percent recyclable, featuring swing-top caps that can be recycled. The closures can be returned to the distillery for reuse through 360 Vodkas Close The Loop program.360 Double Chocolate vodka has rich, smooth, silky, decadent flavors and bright, candied notes of hot cocoa, citrus, and burnt sugar. A vibrant chocolate vodka, tailor-made for cocktails. This bold dessert vodka earned 92 points and several Gold medals from the Beverage Tasting Institute. It received 92 Points, Gold medal, Exceptional in 2017.Pick up your bottle today!
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