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Our/Los Angeles Vodka

Launched in 2011, Our/Vodka is the passion project of six entrepreneurs from Stockholm. The mission was to create a global brand with local roots. Founder and CEO sa Caap developed the brand in secret with her co-founders, Kalle, Mattias, Ted, Ola, and Mrten, for two years before receiving funding from Pernod Ricard.Our/Vodka, a global family of local vodkas made in micro-distilleries in cities around the world. With micro-distilleries in Berlin, Detroit, London, Amsterdam, Los Angeles and New York, Our/Vodka is partly distilled, blended in small batches, and hand-bottled on-site at each micro-distillery. Each facility follows the same global recipe, using locally sourced ingredients giving each vodka its own distinctive flavor profile.Our/Los Angeles takes the recipe for a tour of the City of Angels. Created by a team of 3 Angelenos, the distiller Anton Van Der Woude, the entrepreneur Rupert Runewitsch, and Samantha, it was distilled in the arts district of downtown LA. It was first made in 2016 from organic wheat and purified, demineralized, and deionized Los Angeles water and is the 6th in the line of Our/Vodka spirits. Fittingly, this vodka struck gold at the Los Angeles Spirits Competition.Get a bottle today!
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